Charming and luxurious villa in Ibiza and Tulum

  • 10 June 2017
Charming and luxurious villa in Ibiza and Tulum

Ibiza, an island with an irreplaceable, authentic charm where time stands still!

We at Love Me Ibiza offer you with luxurious rental properties in Ibiza. Ibiza’s main fascination is undoubtedly its serene nature. Stroll in the dry, rocky countryside studded with pine forests that are located near our villas. Be astonished by the excellent beauty of Ibiza’s beaches, with their pure, blue crystalline waters. 

Ibiza is very prevalent for not only adventure sports but there are also many, more leisurely activities that the team of expert is going to deliver you.  Beholding to have a place that is isolated from hustle- bustle of township, well our team of proficient mavens provides privacy for you in luxury villa in Ibiza and Tulum in unique way. We are capable to arrange your honeymoon, family trip or meeting with our top-class efficiency. 

We have carefully selected the most beautiful luxury villa in Ibiza and Tulum.  All over the island you will find stylishly laid out, prestige properties of ours. Nestling in isolated creeks or within their own grounds, we offer peaceful views of the Mediterranean and surrounding countryside. Bask in the gardens or on the terraces; take a refreshing dip in the pool; indulge yourself in the comfort of your beautiful holiday home at our properties.

Our team will help you organize your own exclusively tailored holiday.  We deliver accompanying services with luxury villa in Ibiza and Tulum which comprises of: car hire, chef, domestic staff, and more. No aspect is missing to chance to guarantee that your holiday on Ibiza is serene and composed!

We hope you discover dealing with us very dissimilar from traditional agencies. We have no ambitions of being on the top– but we attempt to be the best for you. So we are enormously choosy about all domain of our company – properties, employees and office locations – we grab everything with our own matchless approach. Give us a ring @ +34.672.134.865 for further information.