De-Stress And Detoxify Yourself in A Luxury Ibizan Spa

  • 23 January 2017
De-Stress And Detoxify Yourself in A Luxury Ibizan Spa

Ibiza is not just about the beaches and the magical nightlife, its splendour also encapsulates some of the best spas on the planet to rejuvenate your senses, mind and soul. The island houses best luxury spas providing a wide range of latest beauty treatments such as relaxing massages, Jacuzzis, hammams, outdoor therapy and fantastic vistas to lift up your tired spirits. 

Spending a rejuvenating weekend in one of the Ibizan spas attracts thousands of visitors to this heavenly place. As a result, businessmen investing in real estate in Ibiza consider this unique service a special part of their ventures. Thus, whether you stay in a hotel, villa or condo, your luxury concierge ensures you get easy access to a reputed spa to revive your body. 

Ibizan spas generally have an oasis like feel to themselves since they remain surrounded by lush greenery from all sides. You can opt for both traditional and modern therapies as per your convenience. Yoga sessions, pilates classes, Swedish sauna, gym and bubbles bar are add-on services you get. Flowers, semi-precious stones and essential oils are commonly used to provide both Orient and Occident therapies to the visitors. From private hammams to magnificent outdoor spa treatments, Love Me Ibiza can arrange for your reservations in any nook of real estate in Ibiza. We have link-ups with some of the finest and reputed Ibiza spa owners who can offer you custom ordered luxury services on your demand.  After having a relaxing therapy, you can jump straight into a hair treatment since many renowned luxury spas in Ibiza also have an in-built hair salon! 

We are your definitive guide to search for finest spas, night clubs, villas, condos, penthouses or any other luxury you crave for in real estate in Ibiza. Give a ring on 34.672.134.865 for tailor-made reservations in a completely organic Ibizan spa.