Discover The World of Luxury With Love Me Ibiza!

  • 06 March 2018
Discover The World of Luxury With Love Me Ibiza!

Ibiza is known as the Islands of God and has crafted a strong global reputation and following thanks to outstanding natural wonders and rich culture heritage. The private rental villas offer guests with diverse options of locations, sizes and services. Get everything from beachfront mansions with striking ocean vistas to more retiring but equally eye-catching properties enclosed by lush tropical gardens or overseeing the island’s well-known, charming rice terraces. Here at Love Me Ibiza we take great pride in welcoming you to luxury villas which have been carefully designated to provide guests with the paramount level of comfort, facilities and service. We do ensure that the outlooks we set before you arrive are matched, and certainly exceeded, by the end of your trip.

Our assortment of luxury villas focus on the sumptuous criteria that property meets and how luxurious it feels to all of your senses! Spaced out from a splendid setting (which is an absolute essential), we take a worthy look around inside too. Moving in, the villa will have to ooze panache to make it into the Villa Luxury assemblage. Textures, colors, preparations of furniture, finishing touches - every chamber has to be interspersed with grace and class. After stepping in villa you will have the imprint that a professional has worked their innovative magic on this superior place. The small but all imperative details are always at the vanguard of our minds when electing our luxury villa in Ibiza, Tulum and Barcelona.

Whether you are beholding for décor that arrays from sleek, contemporary minimalism or you’re concerned in a bit of purist design, one influence overrides everything else, and that’s luxurious comfort! Our team is well- aware that it’s the interior that indeed makes a luxury property, facilitating to form the feeling that you could quite favorably stay there forever. Offering a luxurious, intimate home-from-home somewhere hot and sunny, our luxury villa in Ibiza, Tulum and Barcelona are perfect for families, larger groups, couples and even for friends. In addition to our standard villa and service, we also cater exclusive Concierge packages which encompass typical local products of Ibiza.  

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