Incredible & Fascinating Ibiza Facts

  • 05 December 2016
Incredible & Fascinating Ibiza Facts

Ibiza is one of the interesting and amazing tourist destinations in the world. This tiny magical island is the heart of Mediterranean region, filled with lush vegetation and fantastic beaches. It is an amazing location to spend leisure time in balmy sun, sitting with your family on grainy sand of the beach. Ibiza is famous world-wide as a green vacation destination for the tourists who want to have an environment friendly trip with their friends and family. 

There are many wonderful and interesting facts associated with this island. Top facts are as follows:

• Santa Eulalia is a beautiful place in Ibiza with a miniature town. It has a fabulous church named Puig de Missa which grabs the attention of all the visitors coming to this place. 

• Ibiza is famous all around the globe for its energetic and superb night-life. In Ibiza, the party never stops and you get to discover almost all colours of life. The west end of San Antonio and Puerto de Ibiza are places to visit to enjoy Ibiza night life to fullest. In case you want to refine your hopping skills and searching for good bars then La Marina is an ideal place for you in Ibiza. 

• Ibiza offers a huge variety in delicious food to the tourists. Along with relishing lip-smacking western dishes, you can even choose to satisfy your taste buds with Mexican and Argentina delicacies. Tijuana and La Vaca Argentina are the places you must visit for mouth-watering recipes. Built de Peix is a popular fish dish in Ibiza known for its unique taste. 

• If you yearn to take a fantastic view of Ibiza valleys, then visit Estatua Del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus. This lovely place is a major landmark of the island.

• Hippie flea market is a wonderful location in Ibiza for shopping enthusiasts to buy a large variety of products at great prices.

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