Love Me Tulum: An Attempt to Rewrite the History with a New Perspective

  • 21 November 2016
Love Me Tulum: An Attempt to Rewrite  the History with a New Perspective

History is witness to the centuries-long connection between Spain and Mexico. Post-Columbian era led to a mutual exchange of culture and lifestyle between the two nations, which ultimately lead to a similarity between the art, architecture, food, clothing and even music of the two countries.  Love Me Ibiza has decided to take on this legacy further by acting as an excursion bridge between Europe and America. Our luxury real estate and concierge services are now hand-in-hand with Mexico, with Love Me Ibiza now having an established office in Tulum with the name of Love Me Tulum!!!

Making Tulum a part of our endeavour was irresistible... the white sandy beaches and superb architecture of this pre-Columbian Mayan site sings a harmonious song with alluring flora and fauna of ever inviting Ibiza. It is another leisure destination for Love Me Ibiza fans to experience closeness with the greenery and the sea in a new way. Other than offering a marvellous view of the beach and the pine trees, this ancient walled city situated on the east coast of Caribbean is also an abode for some of the awe-inspiring architectural wonders in the world with El Castillo, the Temple of the Descending God and the Temple of the Frescoes being the major tourist spots. 

Tulum was aptly named Zama or “City of Down” by its ancient inhabitants, as nothing can be more wonderful than enjoying the balmy sun on a beautiful windy morning on this island. Obviously, the sunrises and sunsets are pleasant and make you stay for longer in this earthly paradise. 

Renting a waterfront villa in Tulum is as smooth as renting a luxury villa in Ibiza as our entire services such as real estate, luxury rental, luxury concierge and event management services remain same in Tulum as that of Ibiza and you can conveniently book a luxury villa in Ibiza or Tulum anytime anyplace!

As the process of renting a luxury villa in Ibiza is similar to renting a magnificent holiday home in Tulum, our wide range of luxury concierge services like VIP table reservation, VIP tour, personal chef/bodyguard/chauffeur/babysitter etc. will be provided with the same dedication in Tulum, it’s just that we have opened our doors to new amazing places to let our clients enjoy their free time to fullest and get a new getaway for their holidays!