Luxury Concierge: For A Memorable Trip!

  • 11 January 2018
Luxury Concierge: For A Memorable Trip!

Life would be so simple if the little, big details of a vacation were left to experts who are familiar with the place and all you had to do was catch a flight and be there on time for fun. With its serene blue waters and a happening nightlife, Ibiza is the face of an ideal vacation destination. You are spoilt for choices on this beautiful island which might cause confusion. 

We at Love Me Ibiza are here to make your stay a luxurious, comfortable and an unforgettable one with our luxury concierge in Ibiza. We study your tastes, desires, expectations and craft a memorable stay specially designed for you. We suggest you restaurants, clubs, events, spas, beaches that match your mood and style. We take care of every need and desire that you might have, to create an unforgettable experience. 

 Our exclusive program of luxury concierge in Ibiza facilitates your stay by providing you services that save your time and make your trip enjoyable. Allow us to plan your VIP tour and get ready to be charmed by the grandeur of Ibiza.  Under our concierge concept we offer:

• VIP table reservation 

• Babysitters

• Personal chef 

• VIP tours 

• Wellness and beauty

• Bodyguard and security 

From the day you arrive to the day you leave, we work tirelessly to service and satisfy your every requirement through our luxury concierge in Ibiza. With an exceptional promptness, we will assist you in every detail, small or big. 

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