Places To Relish Haute Cuisine in Ibiza

  • 02 March 2017
Places To Relish Haute Cuisine in Ibiza

Heavenly Ibiza is amassed with exclusive restaurants both in the downtown city area and on the outskirts. The island offers ultimate options to cater to your taste buds while relaxing in some of the most unique and surrealistic natural surroundings. So, if you have head out to this place to savour the haute cuisine i.e. Ibiza Tapas, then having a glimpse through this article will help you to get the best of Ibizan gastronomy. 

A breathtaking example serving praiseworthy Ibiza Tapas is Vi Cool Ibiza, delicately perched on the rooftop of a marvellous five-star hotel named Aguas de Ibiza in Santa Eulalia. Owned by internationally reputed chefs, the place offers the luxury of eating fine Ibiza cuisine while enjoying wonderful sea views. The artistic chefs have given a unique exotic touch to this typical Mediterranean cuisine along with offering you a la carte menu comprising of spicy Iberian sausage, marinated sardines, dried tomatoes with fresh oregano, patatas bravas and even so rare coconut pizza! In case you are having second thoughts about visiting the place, you can always take help of our luxury concierge in Ibiza to have an expert review of the restaurant. 

Our luxury concierge in Ibiza will assist you in locating the finest place to sample gourmet tapas. One such ideal eatery is Estado Puro, established inside Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel. The gastrobar was honoured with National Gastronomy Price in 2006. Both in decor and cuisine, the restaurant takes you closer to Ibizan food culture, offering you a huge lip-smacking platter adorned with typical Mediterranean dishes namely oxtail pot mix, Galician octopus, croquettes, lobster gazpacho, citrus yoghurt with risotto and sweet delights such as chocolate foie filipino with cardamom.

If you would rather prefer to dine in the centre of the town, then our luxury concierge in Ibiza suggests In & Out Restaurant located in central Plaza del Parque. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace where you can sit back and relish both typical Mediterranean flavours and exotic dishes at reasonable prices. Along with serving homemade tapas, the place also presents succulent seafood with tuna tartare, cod white garlic and salmon sashimi being the major dishes. 

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